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Buffalo Tech Consulting was founded in 2017 by Andy Szeliga, a software developer and startup CTO (Chief Technical Officer) in Buffalo, NY.

Andy became inspired by Buffalo’s recent economic resurgence and began to observe similar patterns regarding local business owners and their use of technology.

Buffalo Tech Consulting is focused on solving two critical issues for WNY businesses.

digital market research

Business analyses of WNY industries often reveal business strategies inconsistent with technical strategies or fundraising goals.

  1. Startups may struggle balancing fast-paced software development and investor relations with real-world economics and user trends.
  2. Small business owners may rely on non-technical employees or their own experience as a web-user to guide massive technical decisions – especially with web development and digital marketing. Over time, this approach drastically increases costs while lowering returns.

Who can benefit from tech consulting services?

Organizations of all sizes eventually require technical consulting – either on a project, contract or part-time basis.

Buffalo Tech Consulting has the expertise, knowledge and proven ability to analyze a client’s business strategy and develop scalable professional technology recommendations.


CTO Services. Project Management.

startups face unique challenges

Startups live and die by their budgets. Early resource allocation is critical in developing a startup product that peaks the interest of investors and it’s users.

Startup CTO (Chief Technology Officer) services through Buffalo Tech Consulting help keep those early resources focused on ensuring your tech goals are perfectly aligned with your startup’s business strategy.

Small Businesses & Nonprofit Organizations

Web Development. Software Development.


As technology advances, successful businesses of all sizes begin to adapt and evolve.

E-commerce has created a global economy. Mobile software development and user-experience data are more accessible than ever before. Social media has transformed how websites of all sizes are designed and maintained.

While you’re busy running your small business or non-profit, who is managing similar advances in technology for your organization?

Buffalo Tech Consulting has a record of digital advocacy on behalf of clients of all sizes, with expertise in the budget and process controls vital to small to medium sized organizations.

Corporations & Universities

Custom Business Software. Digital Marketing.

Larger organizations often involve larger budgets and more complex solutions. Buffalo Tech Consulting always provides clients with detailed proposals, estimates and terms designed to keep budgets under control and projects delivered on time.

Buffalo Tech Consulting strongly advocates the use of targeted data in all aspects of an organization’s digital marketing efforts. This includes developing original website content, content curation, pay-per-click and social media advertising.

For Technical Consulting services for your business, including startup CTO services, software development, web development, project management or digital marketing, call Andy at (716) 249-4454.

About Andy Szeliga

Andy is an experienced software developer and startup CTO specializing in C# ASP.NET Web Applications, Project Management, Web Development and Data Operations for businesses.